Work with us

At Onsite Fuel, we continue the values of a family run business with care for our employees, partners and customers. Our internal and external customers come first and foremost, we are service and customer centric in our operation and value the time and effort each employee invests to our operation to ensure top class service is deployed to our field of work. We are passionate about our service and to this end invest heavily in training and guidance to accelerate our work force to qualified professional refuellers – from whatever industry you may join us from.

If you are customer orientated, a good communicator, work brilliantly as an individual and as a team member, are self-starting and self-reliant and constantly think on your feet when working in the construction or fleet refuelling areas and are looking for a long term career in fluid logistics, we would be happy to hear from you.

Forget being handled or treated like a number – in our organisation you will be part of the awesome team that makes our business great, well respected and trusted by over 500 customers in NSW.

Please apply via email to : Admin with your resume, RMS licence history, past experience in heavy vehicles and two (2) references for your past professional experience.

“When I joined Onsite Fuel from a non-related business employment and having recently relocated back to NSW, I found the company professional, relaxed, supportive of training and for a person that is new to industry was welcomed by the team with no expectations by other staff members and allowed me to get on with the job at hand while having the confidence of a supporting team, from my fellow operators all the way through to the managing director behind me.”