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Xpress Fuel’s longstanding relationship with major oil companies ensures our customers benefit from the most competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our dedication to personal customer service, our competitive prices, our reliability and fast delivery via our modern and well-maintained tanker fleet which ensures approximately two days
turn-around time. We also operate with the utmost consideration for the environment, with strict guidelines in place, diligently adhered to by all staff, to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

Along with money-saving fuel and lubricant prices, Xpress Fuel offers time-saving customer service that is second to none, with one call to one number ensuring personalised service and fast response, 24/7.

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Onsite Fuel

Onsite Fuel, your trusted and reliable direct to equipment refuelling service specialising in Fleet Operations, Civil, Mining, Marine, Agriculture, Power Generation or any other mobile plant applications.

Onsite is the leader in refuelling services onsite and direct to equipment, from a small excavator to large civil plant, generators, vessels and boats, raised platforms, mining gear or simply a compressor or light tower.

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Onsite Fuel Rural

Onsite Rural is a division of the Xpress Group of companies providing supply and transportation of fuel all over NSW since 1996, and recently operating from Victoria to Queensland.

A division of the Xpress Group of companies providing supply and transportation of fuel all over Rural NSW since 1996, and recently expanded into Victoria and Queensland.

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Xpress Transport Solutions

Xpress Transport Solutions have been in the freighting industry since 1996, transporting for large corporations all along the east coast of NSW.

We specialise in transporting:

  • All Motor Spirits

If you require alternative transporting services, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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